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Freq Shape

Ghost-Producer, Mix-Mastering


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Hooman Movahediasl
 -  Synthesizer
Arash Zomorodi
 -  Elektrische Gitarre


50 - 4000


Freq Shape is a psytrance project by Hooman Movahediasl from Hamburg, Germany. He is originally from Iran with an oriental heart. He has been a music producer since 2014 under three different stage names: MediumaH, ParvAtma and Freq Shape. He produces in various sub-genres of trance music, such as nitzhonot, progressive psy, psytrance and offbeat (progressive trance). In his productions he uses elements of psytrance, techno, deep house and trance. Since his successful remix for the well-known artist Static Movement in 2019, with his duo project ParvAtma on Sol Music Records and his collaboration in 2020 with the two legendary artists The Freak Show and Beat Hackers on Blue Tunes Records, he has enriched his productions with deep atmospheres and mysterious melodies, whose origin lies in his oriental roots. At the age of seven, Hooman started out in the musical world with two years of piano and classical guitar lessons. Seven years later he got to know psytrance, the subgenre of trance music. After a year of experimenting, composing and arranging in this genre, he learned the basics of music production, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) said "success has three letters - T U N", which is the German term for "doing“ 2014 he released his first song in the Nitzhonot subgenre, until 2019 two EPs and two singles under MediumaH. In 2019, parallel to his Bachelor of Arts "Music Technology Specialist" studies, he decided to create a new project, which he published with five years of experience and his new academic approaches. So in 2019 Freq Shape was born. Due to his academic approaches, he has been in demand on the road both as a producer and as an FOH technician, since the end of 2019. Because of his approach on the musical and technical worlds and his musical journey with an oriental background he was fortunate to touch the music world from diverse perspectives. Freq Shape can be referred to as the “DUCK” in the above paradigm. WHY DUCK? As we know, a duck can swim and fly. IT CAN BOTH.

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Seit 2019 als Veranstaltungstechniker Seit 2014 als DJ-Produzent


Maximum 2 Mitgliedern und wir sind 100% flexibel!!


Die performance kann bis zwei stunden dauern!!!!!!

Logistik und Ausrüstung

Dj Equipment- backline bringen wir selber mit!!!!!

Aufbau und Verstellung

Aufbauen sowie abbauen dauert 30-45 Minuten!!!!!!!


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