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DJ Quien

Club - Festival, Touring DJ


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Bernardo Beltran
 -  Dj


300 - 3000


"I've been DJing since 2000, exploring a rich tapestry of music. My journey spans from the enchanting and rare rhythms of Cumbia, funk, soul, disco, and boogie to the pulsating electronic beats, often venturing into the depths of bass-heavy sounds. Along the way, I've added a touch of turntablism, creating a versatile and dynamic range of musical experiences. Over the years, I've honed my skills and built a unique blend of sounds, constantly pushing the boundaries of musical creativity. Whether it's the infectious Latin rhythms or the more intricate electronic realms, my sets are a sonic adventure. I thrive on the excitement of the unknown, crafting unforgettable moments for my audience. My passion for music and eclectic tastes have become the driving force behind my DJing career. With two decades of experience, I continue to explore the ever-evolving world of music, curating sonic journeys that keep the dance floor alive and the crowd on their feet. The thrill of discovery and the art of mixing are my hallmarks, making every set a musical voyage."

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Bolivian Dj/music producer who now calls Berlin home. With an impressive 23-year journey in the music scene, DJ Quien masterfully blends the artistic with the technical, delivering electrifying dance floors and leaving audiences in a state of wonder. His musical evolution has seen him explore various genres, ultimately identifying himself as a Bass music and Open Format DJ. Since his inception into the music world in 2000, he has been closely affiliated with Bolivia’s most prominent collectives and production companies, embarking on extensive tours across South America and Europe over the years. Notably, he co-founded the label and collective known as Oi Mas Bass and spearheaded the creation of the South American digital arts Festival called «Kiebre.» ______ – Pioneer DJ Blog 2019: ¨The cornerstone of Bolivian Bass music¨ ¨Among the 16 Key South American artists ¨ – Vice Magazine 2017: ¨One of the 20 Latin Bass artists is causing a worldwide sensation!¨ – La Carne Magazine 2019: ¨Dj Quien, is unique and creative with his infinite sound¨ After being a Resident and host of many parties and clubs in South America he’s now based in Berlin – Germany, DJing and collaborating with clubs, radio shows, andfestivals like Fusion, Fête de la Musique, Kultur Sommer Festival, Mit Dir Festival, Radical Sounds, Kater Blau, Panke, Klunkekranich, BulBul (Ex Farbfenseher), RSO Riviere SudOst, ÆDEN, Mensch Meier, Badehaus, Maze, Yaam, Haubentauher, Crista Kupfer, Private Club, Monarch, SAGE Beach, Refuge Radio, THF Radio, HÖR ,Xbeat Radio (Bel.) , Radio La Fabrik (Fr.) Reprezent Radio (UK) among others. Bassism Records (Berlin) // Deck2Deck Label Resident (Berlin) CRISP Resident (Berlin) // Oi Mas Bass / OMB Label (Bolivia)


only one person, unless traveling with the Tour manager


The maximum amount of hours to DJ is 4 Hours and accept no request.

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Aufbau und Verstellung

Depending on the venue, but usually 15 minutes is ok.

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