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  • Trio


Victor "Nacho" Diaz Abreu
 -  Trompete
Alexander Falcón
 -  Klavier
Michale del Toro
 -  Gitarre, Vocal


750 - 1200


... Is an artistic project, founded in January 2013 in Berlin ( Germany ). We want to bring together artistic talent in the German capital, working with a wide range of professional and independent musicians from different parts of the world ( Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, República Domimicana, Perú, Venezuela & Europe ). We intend to bring to our audience the most versatile interpretations of traditional Latin rhythms, "Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Timba, Reggaeton and other musical styles" and want to offer you the best live music experience.The concept of this project is not only to work independently, but also to offer our musical support to the endless talents from the local and international musical environment ... ... "passion is the engine of all creative people" ...

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VICTOR "NACHO" DIAZ ABREU 13.11.1986 Pinar del Rio, Cuba Born in the province of Pinar del Río (Cuba). In 1996 he started his musical studies at the EVA Escuela Vocasional de Arte Raúl Sánchez Manduley (Pinar del Río), where he completed the first 5 years of his studies in music, majoring in trumpet. Later he graduated from the ENA, Escuela Nacional de Arte (Havana). In 2001, he had the privilege of being the founder of the Conservatory of Professional Intermediate Music Guillermo Tomas in Guanabacoa, Havana City, where he studied for 4 years until 2005, giving his graduation concert at the age of almost 18. In the same year (2005) he had his first experience as a professional musician, being part of one of the most recognized orchestras of the island, "Yumurí y sus Hermanos", for four years. He also obtained a diploma as an instrumentalist, trumpet teacher and teacher of ensemble practice. At the age of 22 (2009), he flew to Europe with a renowned orchestra called "Ritmo Oriental" and stayed. To date, he is an independent instrumentalist (trumpet player) and tours internationally with artists such as Mario "Mayito" Rivera and Pedrito Calvo, both former musicians of the group Los VanVan, among others. Alexander Falcón Rodríguez 06.02.1979 Santigo de Cuba, Cuba Began his studies at the School of Arts of Santiago de Cuba, José María Heredia. At the age of 10, he first started as a percussionist and by the age of 12 he had his first performances with orchestras of the patio in national performances. Then he went on to higher secondary school as a percussionist and began his training as a professional pianist, playing the piano. At the age of 19 he made his first international trips to Mexico and Jamaica, with bands such as Muralla and the XL Band, years later he joined Sonora la Calle. This band opened him the doors to the international world and orchestras such as Laydy Salsa, Habana Rumba, as well as collaborations with Buena Vista Bar and Buena Vista Social Club, with whom he made several successful international tours. London, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and other countries were on the program. Currently he is a pianist and music producer of Berlineando and other projects here in Europe and mainly in Berlin. Maikel Gómez Del Toro 10.08.1990 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Maikel started his musical studies at the age of 6. He attended the Escuela de Instructores de Arte and graduated there in 2009. After that, he started his career as a singer in the group Proyecto Latino of the company Adolfo Guzmán. Finally, he joined the group Son del Monte as a guitarist and singer, also working for this company. In 2014, he began working in the Hotel Valencia with the group Utopia, of the company Turarte. In 2015 he started working in the Grupo Carrasco y su Cubanía in the Bodeguita del Medio. In 2017 to 2019 he worked as a musician on board of the ships of the German cruise line "Mein Schiff", being part of the Diamond Trio and then working as a soloist. Currently he works in various groups of different formats in Berlin, where he lives permanently as a singer, guitarist and percussionist.


Victor "Nacho" Diaz Abreu Alexander Falcón Maikel del Toro auf Wunsch noch weitere Gastmusiker


Normalerweise 2 x 45 Minuten oder ein Set 80 Minuten Klassische Salsa und Timba Musik aus Kuba und Lateinamerika

Logistik und Ausrüstung

Platz für Keyboard, Trompete, 3 Mikros, Gitarre, 3 x Monitorboxen

Aufbau und Verstellung

30 Minuten Aufbauzeit, der Sänger bewegt sich, es kann auch das Publikum zum Tanz bewegt werden

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