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Enrico Rogge
 -  Dj


300 - 1000


I’m a Berlin born DJ and I love to play, Afrohouse, House and Techno. And if possible sometime I like to play a jungle set

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I have gained valuable experience as a DJ performing at store openings and in various small bars across the vibrant city of Berlin. My passion for music and knack for creating a lively atmosphere have allowed me to curate unforgettable sets that keep the crowd engaged and entertained. With a diverse selection of tracks and a deep understanding of different musical genres, I strive to bring a unique and energetic vibe to every event I play at. Whether it's setting the mood for a stylish store opening or keeping the party going in a cozy bar setting, I am dedicated to delivering an exceptional musical experience that resonates with the audience and leaves a lasting impression.


I’m flexible. If you have a setup, I need no help. I will come alone with my usb. If u need more ore bigger equipments, I need support for transport and setup.


I am a versatile DJ with a diverse musical background, specializing in Afrotech, House, and Techno genres. My sets are known for their vibrant energy, seamless transitions, and infectious rhythms that keep the dance floor moving. While I excel in creating immersive experiences with my signature sound, I am also adept at exploring different styles and genres to cater to the unique preferences of the audience. In addition to my expertise in Afrotech, House, and Techno, I am always ready to surprise and delight my audience by showcasing my skills in delivering dynamic Jungle DnB sets. Whether it's creating a hypnotic groove with deep house beats or infusing the atmosphere with the high-energy vibes of techno, I bring a blend of creativity and passion to every performance, ensuring an unforgettable musical journey for all.

Logistik und Ausrüstung

I am equipped to perform with various setups, including a Pioneer FLX6 with a laptop, an XDJ XZ standalone system, and a complete Denon DJ club standard setup with PA.

Aufbau und Verstellung

Depends on the setup. Only usb 10 sec. If bigger until 1 h

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