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Björn Avermann
 -  Mischpult


250 - 2000



Dear Friends of beautiful end ecstatic dance music. Isn’t it right, that party people, dancers and music lovers wants to come to a very special point of ecstasy. From this point on - they can’t stop dancing. They dance and dance and dance. I love this moment and I want give this moment to the people I am there for. My heart and my soul is made for this special moment. One of my biggest love is Music. From Techno to Electro and from Heart to Heart. I began to cultivate my passion for music by taking part in a DJ competition in East Germany. 1999 I’ve won the competition. From this moment on - Clubs start to book me as a DJ - like „Tarm Center“ „Poison Club“ „Buttan Club“ „Bungalow“ and many more. I got lost in Party and the people loved what I did. But the Moment came when my family needed help - I had to stop my career. The family gastronomic business needed me and therefore I had no more time for the music I love. In 2020, I sold the company and I restarted my dj and producer Career again. Now I am ready….. With Love DJ Bjørek

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20 Jahre Erfahrung als Dj/Veranstaltungen und Gastronomie konzepte




Sowohl als auch kommt auf die Veranstaltung an....

Logistik und Ausrüstung

Habe Equipment für Veranstaltungen bis zu 300 Personen...

Aufbau und Verstellung

2-3 Stunden benötigen wir für den Aufbau der Musikanlage

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